Marlo Smefner is a character in the long-running (but recently-defunct) comic strip Space Moose.

Vital Statistics
Age: 22 (as of 1996, but we all know that comic characters age differently than us flesh and blood types)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 168 lbs
Hometown: Moose Factory, Ontario
Likes: tunnel cum shots, chess, the chick from White Zombie
Dislikes: urine, Jeff Foxworthy
Favorite movie: Neil and Bob
Favorite saying: "I told you, I don't eat that shit!"
Preferred form of birth control: castration

Marlo was introduced to the strip in 1994, under the premise of having returned from a trip to South Africa. He appeared in the strip sporadically the first year, but soon found a niche as the (oft-ignored) voice of reason. It has never been clear why Marlo hangs out with Space Moose, as he is the constant target of abuse. Marlo has been drugged not once or twice, but three times, by Space Moose and used in money-making schemes (a combatant in the Animal Kingdom Kumite, an unwilling particpant in the gay porn movie "Bowel Busters IV" and most-recently as a drug mule). Space Moose also actively courted Marlo's girlfriend, the naive schoolteacher Miranda Wilde.

At the time this node was written, Marlo's condition was uncertain. While in Las Vegas, a condom filled with heroin burst in Marlo's stomach, leaving Marlo comatose. This was three years ago...and it seems unlikely that readers of the strip will ever learn of Marlo's recovery, as cartoonist Adam Thrasher abandoned the strip in 1999 to complete his Ph.D.

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