Hilarious 'weblog' written by Duncan Donaldo (otherwise known as Duncan McDonald), detailing his exploits as a dole claimant living in a grotty flat in Hastings. Dunc passes the time by making up bizarre pastimes and working out new ways to fool the Employment Office into thinking he is trying to find a job.

We are also introduced to his neighbours, the irritating Texan Brendan and the woman with a horse Dunc calls Horsey. (In later installments we meet Geordie, Dunc's ex-girlfriend Angela and Tim-Tom the scary arsonist.) Fans of Dunc's previous real-life antics (the Mr. Cursor column in PC Zone magazine) will find much to enjoy here. The schematic of Fatboy Slim's house is genius.

Note: the name has been now been changed for some reason to South Coast Diaries (plural).


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