Mr. Cursor was the name of a column that appeared on the back page of PC Zone magazine (UK edition) from issues 1-54. Mr. Cursor was the alter-ego of the brilliant Duncan MacDonald, and was basically the archetypical PC newbie. His column described his exploits involving rhinoceros-hide suits, snooker, eating cockroaches, octupus orgasms, dung beetles, 'chives', American tourists and occasionally even computers. The column usually revolved around slightly dubious 'real life' exploits of the protagonist (being, a slightly bewildered one-time Zero/Your Sinclair/Game Zone journo living in a squalid council flat and expounding his drunk/stoned/stupid philosophy on a number of bizarre subjects). Funny stuff.

The character was retired with Duncan McDonald's departure from the magazine in late 1997. McDonald also directed a number of amateurish video skits under this name, which were released on the PC Zone covermount CD-ROMs. These normally revolved around the character Colin Culk (Culky) who briefly replaced Mr. Cursor but was rather unsuccessful. It was planned to revive the Mr. Cursor column for the 100th issue of the magazine, but this failed to materialise. There were (at one point) some additional diaries written by Duncan MacDonald on the site seethru.co.uk, which were effectively a continuation of the same idea.

I can't really convey the brilliance of Mr. Cursor without quoting from the columns at length, and as I can't be bothered to do that, I can only suggest you track down old copies of PC Zone, or Duncan McDonald.

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