The Japanese company Sord was one of Japan's leading computer manufacturers in the 80's. They made several popular personal computers and mini computers. Their most popular model was probably their only attempt at the home market, the Sord M5, which is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the ZX Spectrum. Sord still exists, but only as a software brand. Old Sords are considered obsolete computer equipment.

Sord is also the collective noun for ducks

A sord of ducks.

Flock of ducks is inaccurate - that refers to both sheep and tourists, and also to nondescript birds. When you get to specific species of birds, you need more descriptive collective nouns - such as a wisp of snipes (a small, long billed birds), a flight of doves... and so on.

Sord (? ∨ ?), n.

See Sward.




© Webster 1913.

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