A silly and offensive cult, perhaps exclusive to New York City, notorious in years past for setting up their preaching stations in Times Square or in front of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, in which several black men dressed in ridiculous looking Afrika Bambaataa getups would echo each other shouting random passages from the Bible mixed with epithets directed at any white person who would happen to be walking by. Their theology is based on the belief that the 'white man' is the devil and the 'black man' is descended from one of the tribes of ancient Israel.

The preaching stations were adorned with glitter and Stars of David, along with other random objects including magazine clippings. There was always a stylized picture of a bearded Neanderthal man, presumably a dig at 'whitey', as well as a chart explaining what happened to the twelve tribes of ancient Israel. Apparently, one of them became the Black Man, another became 'Guyanese,' and other became 'Mexicans,' another became 'Chileans,' another became 'Arabs' another became 'Aztecs,' another became 'Cubans,' another became 'Puerto Ricans,' and so forth, ad ridiculum.

I'm not sure if their theology was some version of Christianity, Judaism, Rastafarianism, or what. I do know it was real dumb.

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