No officer, I had my eyes closed.
No officer, I like to use my intuition, so I'm never exactly sure.
No officer, I broke the speedometer a while ago.
No officer, I saw the number on the dashboard, and frankly, I didn't believe it either.
No officer, but those are lovely slacks that you're wearing.
No officer, but I bet I could improve.
Well, a common mistake I make is really not knowing how fast I've gone, because I just get in the habit of driving 'at a comfortable speed' too often. I say too often because a comfortable speed is fifty-five in most places for me. Unfortunately, there're a few nifty speed traps around where I live.

I've got three speeding tickets and I'm eighteen years old. I need to lay off the car driving for a while. In the meantime, here's my advice to myself and others like me.

Good luck, and have fun out on those roads!

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