The Society for Creative Anarchism is a mis-spelled version of the Society for Creative Anachronism. And the Society for Creative Anachronism has an old story about it, which I heard 'round a campfire at my first war.

Fact: The Society for Creative Anachronism controls the largest private army in the world (although their weapons are mostly made of rattan and duct tape, and even the real-world versions would be centuries out of date).

Fact: Anachronism can be easily confused with Anarchism.

Fact: The FBI would be mighty concerned upon hearing about a group of anarchists in control of a large army, much less one of the worlds largest.

So one day, after recieving an anonymous tip, the FBI started investigating this "Society for Creative Anarchism". Sent a few people to investigate and such, found it to be mostly harmless, and started a long series of stories, tall tales, outright lies, and at least one (probably more) song circulating among the SCAdians for many years to come.

I don't have the complete lyrics of that song, but here's the main chorus...
"We're harmless historical nuts
Who wear boiler plate on our butts
Who dress up in clothes from the 12th century,
To bash on each other with sticks and debris...
And make up the world's largest private army!
Harmless historical nuts!"

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