Electro-Anarchy is a subset of modern anarchism that can generically be described as technological-anarchism. In a nutshell, they believe that technological advances will enable humans to operate without government and without coercion.

Electro-Anarchy is claimed to have been invented by an Israeli-American named Itzhak Nutzhak, who also founded the motley Electro-Anarchy Collective, which has active chapters in eight states, and has recently been the source of both disbelief and controversy amongst various political blogs.

Even for technological-anarchists, they espouse very unorthodox views. Their manifesto reads, "Electro-Anarchy is neither capitalistic nor communistic, it is a third position between the two, but closer to the latter. Once Unikron overthrows the United States government and capitalism, it will install the most fair economic system ever known to man. It will distribute all the universe’s material goods randomly among its inhabitants. No amount of opportunism or nepotism will deter the egalitarian goals of the robot"(CITATION: http://www.angelfire.com/electronic2/anarchotic/manifesto.html).

In addition, their Hawaii chapter voices a vehement anti-European Hawaiian-nationalism(http://www.angelfire.com/electronic2/anarchotic/hawaii.html), and their West Virginia chapter is run by an ardent separatist-feminist (http://www.angelfire.com/electronic2/anarchotic/westvirginia.html).

They have been analyzed on TheIdyllic.com as nothing but teeny-bopppers-with-a-twist, "Perhaps what separates them from leftists is the fact that they don’t pay lip-service to the glory of mankind, because their concept of humanity is essentially puritanical. This view, of course, whether Hobbes]ian or Calvinist, historically serves as fuel for statist oppression and reactionary attempts to eliminate anything progressive. The reigning characteristic of pop-culture, exhibited in both Christian and secular youth, is a masochistic, soulless self-hated. Electro-Anarchy, being a youth movement, is but a piece of the twisted maelstrom; in their rejection of both society and humankind, they are not being innovative. They’re only emulating their peers"(http://www.theidyllic.com/php/article.php?article=112).

They have also been called "closeted statists" by certain libertarian bloggers who felt that their plan to instate technological rule was no different from existing state-rule(http://iamawolf.com/alone/more_electroanarchy_collective-1422.php). Nevertheless, Electro-Anarchists do absolutely consider themselves anarchists. Whether the anarchist community accepts them remains to be seen.

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