A game of Nomic that was founded June 16, 2000 by four veterans of Genomic: Gallavanting Tripper, TopHeavy, Xylen, and Oloros.

SocialNomic was designed to be a Nomic without a moderator. The Ruleset put forth incentives for each Player to perform the administrative duties required of the game, like declaring proposals Adopted/Defeated and invoking their effects. A robust Justice System created a balance of power that helped keep the players in check when accidents occured to the GameData.

SocialNomic developed along a couple of directions:

  • Based on a cute pun, Points were redeemable for Planar Coins in the manner 3 points → 1 triangle, etc. While Players might have negaitve points, this allowed them to convert any positive amounts into a stronger currency.
  • A subgame in which players were rated by Social Standing. Players with the highest standing (Trendsetters) were allowed to require that certain words be used in commentary on Proposals; the player with the lowest standing (Pariah) had the option of causing a social revolt that might normalize standings.
  • An attempt to implement a subgame similar to Snakes and Ladders in which the Ruleset itself was the board, connections between spaces were symbolized by references to other Rules.

In SocialNomic Proposal 109, Gallavanting Tripper proposed that October 5, 2000 be the final day of SocialNomic. As of September 28, 2000, Players Oloros, TopHeavy, Doctroid, and Xylen have Voted in favor.

On October 3, 2000, Proposal 109 was deemed to have passed with unaminity by Gallavanting Tripper, and SocialNomic entered The Last Days, a period of time during which Institutions created by the Players are to have their assets liquidated and transfered to the Player that created them.

It is expected therefore, that on October 5, 2000, SocialNomic will be brought to judgement in accordance with the Rules resulting from Proposal 109.

The mailing list used for game discussion of SocialNomic is archived at Nomic Net:

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