Today, I stopped at a local MotoMart to fill up the gas tank of my high-quality Pontiac Safari wagon. Stepping up to the beverage cooler, I became aware of the fact that they did not stock Sobe, my prefered beverage (specifically Sobe Energy).

My gaze settled on a bottle of Snapple Fire. Hmm... read the bottle... it says "Energy", and it lists ginseng, guarana, and ginko biloba as ingredients. That can't be bad. I pick up the bottle of red fluid, pay the cashier, and make my way home. I sit down at my computer and open the flask.

Snapple Fire is not good. It has an odor, first of all, that is so obscenely over-sweet it can only remind one of bad cherry Kool-Aid made by a four-year-old who has problems with the measuring cup. And then there's the taste. In a taste test, the only difference you would be able to make out between this bottled phlegm and the above-mentioned Kool-Aid would be the slightly tart taste that I can only assume comes from the "all natural herbs" in this "beverage".

I can not recommend this "drink". However... it is now late at night, and I need something to help me stay awake... so I will continue to drink this sludge, in a kind of masochistic fight with myself until I break down and do my homework.

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