It's the slow thrill of a cigarette in a summer rain storm. The unburnt paper grows grey with wet before the consuming near-dormant fire can reach it, the ash flies off in funny shapes.

Smoking near water is clean and dirty at once. It's good and evil together, proving they can coexist. There's mutual respect there. You're immersed in liquid relaxation while the chemicals in your blood are begging flight or fight. Like most things that are slightly schizophrenic, it feels exactly right.

Smoking in the bathtub is for tortured geniuses uncomfortable in the accoutrements of sophistication. It's for the despairing or disintegrating decadent. It's for blue collar soldiers who only bathe for lack of a shower head, used to cracked porcelain and rusty water.

Smoking while bathing is a good way to be reminded of your soul.

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