An upper-class, non-intellectual, conventional, fashion-obsessed, wealthy, green-welly-wearing young woman, especially in and around London.

Sloanes go out with Yuppies, get-rich-quick essex boy City traders who they consider a bit or rough or brain dead aristos who will probably inherit half of Wales one day (think Tim Nice-but-dim), drink in wine bars, drive Volkswagen Polos or Golfs or Daddy's BMW or Range Rover.

They work in PR, Advertising or Marketing (shorthand for doing nothing), live in obscenely trendy places like Knightsbridge, Sloane Square (which gave them their name), Islington, Fulham, Putney or Richmond, read Tatler, Country Life, Cosmo and Vogue as though they were the Holy Bible itself, and one day dream of marrying royalty, following in the footsteps of the two Arch-Sloanes: Diana Spencer and Sarah Ferguson. This makes Prince William the unfortunate focus of their attentions.

One of the social groups created in the Eighties that we'd like to forget but still exist in large enough numbers to make their presence felt. Old-school Sloanes have now graduated into SINBADs or new-age GROLIES.

Compare: It Girl.

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