Polo. The mint with the hole.

Polo are a product of Nestle. There are many varieties of Polo, but the most popular (and oldest) is the plain old Polo mint - released in 1948). These white "pressed mints" are stumpy cylinders with a smaller cylinder subtracted from the center - leaving an o shape. A packet of Polos contains 23 mints, and has a shelf life of approximately 1 year.

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose syrup, Modified starch, Stearic Acid, Mint Oils.

Other varieties of Polos have included

  • Polo Butter Ups - Orange and yellow packet. Red yellow and Purple
  • Polo Citrus Sharp - Green and yellow packet. These have replaced...
  • Lemon Polos - fantastic. My personal favourite. Yellow packets. No longer available; replaced by the recent Citrus flavour.
  • Polo Fruits - these boiled sweets are fruit flavoured; a delicious combinatoin of crunchy and chewy (if you crunch rather than suck). Purple packet, letters of red, yellow and green. Sweets different colour depending on fruit flavour (red, orange, yellow, green and purple).
  • Polo Gummies - "The Squashy Sweet with the Hole". Gummy sweets. Green, yellow, red and orange.
  • Polo Strong - like Polos, but as strong as Extra Strong Mints. Darker (black, white, green and red) packet. White sweets.
  • Sugar-free Polos - like Polos, but no sugar. White packet, green and silver lettering.
  • Spearmint Polos - Spearmint flavoured sweets. Light-blue packet. Sweets have light-blue flecks.
  • Polo Supermint - Large plastic dispenser in shape of a Polo with very small (strong) Polos inside. (Also available in orange flavour).
  • Polo Holes - Cylindrical tube containing small mints the same size as the hole in a Polo (which you could prove by fitting one neatly into a Polo). No longer available.
  • Polo Smoothies - Fruit Flavoured Polo-ish sweets, which are sold in bags (for the first time in the Polo range).

According to the pack, if you have any questions or comments about Polos, you should phone
(freephone) 0800 000030 or write to Nestlé Rowntree, PO Box 203, York YO91 1XY
You should probably /msg me first though :-)

The Polo Citrus Sharp variety are, aside from being indescribably fab, dangerously addictive. Confectionery crack, if you like. They are green, and as the name suggests, very sharp - sometimes painfully so (ey mae yoo al ike is a lot). Brush your teeth!

I find them comforting because to me they taste like Lemon Tango used to, which is a very good thing.


Suitable for vegetarians. Produced by Nestlé Rowntree.

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