SMINTs are sugar-free sweets pressed in to triangular-prism shape. A dispenser contains 40 SMINT sweets. The flavours currently available are:
  • Instant Freshness - strong mint flavour
  • X-Tra Fresh Peppermint - peppermint flavour which includes extract of Green Tea
  • Lemon Power - sharp lemon flavour with 60mg (100% RDA) of vitamin C in each pack.
  • Intense Peach - tastes of peach. Good for both Vitamin C and Vitamin A apparently.
  • Pure Mint Liquorice - mint and liquorice apparently. Sounds... unique.
  • Wild Berry - mixed berry flavourings complete with 60 mg of Vitamin C per pack.
Not all of these flavours are available in retail outlets. You can, I was surprised to discover, order all of them online in boxes of 24 packs. See the URL at the bottom of the writeup.

SMINTs are made with Xylitol, the sweetener that is good for your teeth. Check out the Xylitol node for some great writeups on its properties. So pleased were the International Association of Tooth-friendly Sweets (I'm not making this shit up) with SMINTs, that they awarded them the "Sympadent" / "Happy Tooth" logo. This logo looks like smiling tooth beneath an umbrella. SMINTs wear this badge with pride because it sends out a great message. The message presumably being "your teeth are safe and happy when they eat this sweet". Most disturbing. The Xylitol in SMINTs is said to lower your mouth temperature by 10oC. This is because Xylitol is a sugar alcohol. The effect is the same as when you were to pour Vodka on your hand (or mouth of course. That would be much more sensible); it evaporates at low temperatures causing a cold sensation.

Be careful though. Xylitol also has a laxative effect in high doses. Anything under 12g is pretty safe. Anything over 20g is to be avoided.

Final factlet: SMINTs are produced by the Chupa Chups corporation.

Information garnered from the back of a SMINT dispenser and

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