In Auckland, New Zealand, there is a big fucking tower. This monument to gross monetary expenditure was aptly named the Sky Tower. Asides from the Auckland Harbour Bridge, One Tree Hill, and Rangitoto Island it is the most noticeable monument residing in the city.

At the foot of the 328 metre tower is the Sky City casino and theatre. Essentially the Tower is a huge reinforced concrete shaft with foundations going more than 15 metres into the earth.

If I were asked to describe it I would say:

"It looks like a misshapen penis" or "It kinda looks like a giant hypodermic syringe".

The diameter of the high-strength, high-performance concrete main shaft is approximately 12 metres. At the base this is supported by eight "legs" connected by a concrete band, designed to spread the force load of the entire structure.

There is an observation deck near the top consisting of composite materials, structural steel, pre-cast concrete and reinforced concrete. Big glass walls provide a 360 degree panorama of lovely Auckland city.

Lining the mast are various bits of electronic equipment, mostly communications devices. My ISP and employer broadcasts broadband satellite internet to customers in the Auckland region from this very tower.

Interesting construction figures for all you budding civil engineers:
  • 15,000 cubic metres of concrete
  • 2000 tonnes of reinforced steel
  • 660 tonnes of structural steel
If any of my fellow noders ever decide to visit Auckland, New Zealand I highly recommend visiting this monument to capitalism. Even if you don't enjoy the view you could at least inject your hard-earned money into our nation's coffers at the casino.

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