Imagine a group of aging (thirtysomething or so) ex-potheads on a snowy moutainside. They are on a ski trip. Some are more obviously experienced skiers than others, you can tell by the clothes and general levels of confidence. Among the crowd is a young woman who seems to be one of the neophyte skiers. She tells the others that she has to pee. The problem is that there are no facilities nearby, and she *really* has to go. So, she asks them to all form a close line and turn their backs, providing a shield from prying eyes. Still in her skis, and with some little bit of privacy, she pulls her pants down and gets to business. Or tries to. Somehow, in her distraction, she has lost control of her skis. She brushes through the line of now surprised comrades, past a fir or two and down the nearest blue square-level run, naked (or perhaps nekkid?) as a jaybird, from the waist down. The joyride ended when her skis became tangled a snowbank and she was pitched into the drifts.

All I could think was, "Must be chilly!"

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