there is chocolate ice cream traces streaked up my forearms
it's disgusting i know, and i'm sure the customers at
baskin robbins can't help but notice the dark smears
from my wrist to my elbow as i hand them a double dip
of something they think is called "jamaican almond fudge"
. it's incredibly sticky at my job, my shoes stick to
the floor a bit. recently i've learned that noone
believes that you can be a qualified cake decorator if
you're under the age of 45. why this is, i have yet to
find out. all i know is that when people are thumbing
through the book of ice cream cakes between bites
of chocolate chip mint, gurguling questions about
orders to me, they always seem taken aback when they
learn that i am the creator of the ice cream confections
behind the glass.not surprised at the astounding
beauty of them i'm sure, i'm only mediocre right now,
but they don't seem to want to trust their beloveds
birthday cakes to someone who is twenty
years their junior. it's probably a good thing then that
those people don't end up ordering a cake from me

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