Foreign machine, obviously. School computer. Unsupervised, more or less. Tinker for a while... Check out some user files, hell you're root right? abuse the privelige. Some typing practice. "yyy kkk yyy", sort of thing. An obviously fake invitation to a wine evening, dated last year. Interesting lives, these people have. Sigh. Check out the backgrounds and screensavers. Screw them up a little. Be witty. Change desktop settings. Delete temp files. Delete AOL crap from start menu. Poke around some more. Network is down, hardware problems. Feel yourself running out of ideas. Run regedit. Look randomly for anything interesting. Change windows' registered owner.

This activity can only sustain one for so long... Get less and less enthusiastic... Peruse the start menu for interesting programs, as they're all installed there (more or less) by default. Wander.... nothing but word... games? hesitate, but hovering is as good as a click...

I suddenly feel an irresistible urge to play solitaire.


Oh, the horror! I swear, that stuff rots your brain. And it's so easy, so damn easy, to slip into that rut. I can feel myself physically stop thinking and move the stupid cards. Something inside me rebels, enough to close the damn program and override the urge.

Damn, that was close.

Is this really what it was like, back then when all I knew was windows? What a depressing thought. Maybe it's just because I didn't have any specific task to accomplish. But still... *nix has better distractions, and they don't rot your mind, either. When you've seen one unix system, you've seen one unix system.

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