Bay Area ska band, popular on the live circuit throughout the country. Released their albums on Dill Records, the band generally consisted of:

Lynette Knackstedt(Guitar), Mike Park(Sax, Vocals), Gerry Lundquist (Slide Trombone), Lars Nylander (Valve Trombone), Chuck Phelps (Drums), and one of the following: Ian Miller(Bass Guitar), Jay Vance(Bass), Mike "Mr Clean" Mattingly(Bass).

Lynette and one of the others worked at the Palo Alto Wherehouse Records early on, where they formed the band. They've been widely praised for resisting many major label offers (though that may be what led to their breakup as well). They recorded theme songs for The Margaret Cho Show and Degrassi Junior High (dunno if they were actually used as I never saw either show).


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