An SLR camera by Pentax. The ZX-5n is retro. It's styled like the K-1000, with knobs and dials as opposed to a big LCD and command keys. Everything is intuitive and can be done by feel. I myself use one and it's fantastic. It's very lightweight, and is considered a camera for the serious amateur, or aspiring/entering pro, like me.

Here's the specs: (from

  • Lens Mount: Pentax KAF2 bayonet mount compatible with KAF, KA and K mounts.
  • Usable Lenses: Pentax KAF2-, KAF-, KA- and K-mount lenses.
  • Power Zoom System: With Pentax FA power zoom lenses
  • Type:Motor-driven zoom with motor built-in lens.
  • Zooming: 3 speeds, adjustable using zoom ring.
  • Mode: (1) Power Zoom; (2) Manual Zoom. Auto lens retraction with main switch at "OFF" position.
  • Focusing System: Type: TTL phase-matching autofocus system. AF frame: Selectable using AF mode lever. (1) 3-Point AF; (2) Spot AF.
  • Usable illumination range: EV-1 ~ EV18 (at ISO 100/m with 50mm f/1.4 lens).
  • Mode: (1) AF (focus lock and predictive AF available); (2) Manual.
  • Metering system: TTL open-aperture 6-segment metering by SPD cell (coupled with lens and AF information).
  • Metering mode: Selectable using metering mode dial. (1) 6-segment multi-pattern metering; (2) Center-Weighted Metering; (3) Spot Metering.
  • Metering range: EV0 ~ EV21 (at ISO 100/m with 50mm f/1.4 lens).
  • Exposure mode: (1) Programmed AE; (2) Aperture-Priority AE; (3) Shutter-Priority AE; (4) Metered Manual; (5) Bulb. TTL Programmed Auto Flash available. Automatic exposure compensation in auto-exposure mode with multi-pattern metering.
  • Automatic bracketing: 3 frames in 1EV or 1/2EV steps. Exposure compensation ยบ3EV (1/2EV steps).
  • Shutter Type: Electronically controlled vertical-run focal-plane shutter.
  • Speed: (1) Auto: 1/2000 ~ 30 sec. (stepless); (2) Manual: 1/2000 ~ 2 sec. and bulb; (3) Flash sync: 1/100 ~ 30 sec. and bulb.
  • Shutter lock: Main switch at "OFF" position.
  • Diaphragm Control: Aperture-coupled mechanism (with Pentax FA, F and A lenses).
  • Power Source: Two 3V lithium batteries (CR2 type).
  • Dimensions: 135.0 (W) x 90.0 (H) x 61.5 (D) mm (5.3" x 3.5" x 2.4").
  • Weight: 410g (14.5 oz.) without batteries.

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