The Ska Summit/Extreme Thing was a music and extreme sports festival hosted at the Desert Breeze Skate Park in Las Vegas on March 29th, 2003.

Originally envisioned as a simple BMX, skateboard and in-line event, during the planning it metamorphosed into massive ska festival with hip-hop sidestages and extreme sports competition more-or-less in the background.

Despite the lack of airplay for ska in recent years, the show was an unmitigated success with over ten thousand fans and media representitives coming from all over the world to see ska acts both new and old on the event's three stages.

Major acts played on the two adjacent main stages while smaller and local acts played the third, smaller stage. Bands on the main stages were staggered such that one would play while the other was breaking down and sound checking. The third stage had an independent schedule.

The idea of making the Ska Summit an annual or irregular event has been floated, but as of this writing nothing is confirmed.

The bands and artists who played Ska Summit were:

On a personal note, I was among the press at this show (representing In Your Ear Magazine) and was lucky enough to score a photo pass and an interview with RBF's Scott Klopfenstein. It was the most fun I'd had in long, long time.

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