A Macintosh application for basic word processing, it is the Macintosh equivalent of Wordpad. Part of the Macintosh Operating system since System 7, it replaced Teachtext, used before System 7.

Features include fonts, sizes, basic formatting, and printing. It exports only to standard text format.

With the coming of Mac OS X, Simpletext will be replaced by TextEdit, which promises to include support for colors and PDF. Still no spell check.

There is a Mac OS X native version of Simple Text still available. It comes with Xcode as a demonstration of the basic aqua interface. Install Xcode and check out /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Built Examples/

Simple Text demonstrates basic Carbon elements in an OS X context. It shows developers how a carbon app can be written to make use of OS X services, like spellcheck and speech.

Now you can enjoy SimpleText in its full, low resource utilisation glory in a native OS X environment

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