Text To Speech, a program that converts text (strings) to speech (audio)

On Novell NetWare servers, the Transaction Tracking System, which enables backout of operations which were not completed before a system failure. TTS is required by Novell Directory Services (NDS) on NetWare, and by some other programs.

A trouble ticket system is a software that supports the handling and solving of problem reports from users. Any reported problem results in a "trouble ticket" which is then classified (possibly by an AI) and assigned to someone who has to do diagnosis and find a solution, supported by an integrated knowledge base. If it proves to difficult, the TT can be forwarded to a specialist.

The TTS software formalizes this process, and ensures that problem reports aren't forgotten or ignored. In many cases, the user can track the progress of "his" TT.

Bugzilla is basically a TTS, just one that's geared towards software development anstead of network management.

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