The ancient Egyptian word Sia has a dual meaning:

  • Sia the deity: Sia was one of the creative powers associated with Ra. The abilities attributed to Sia were required to bring creation in to existence. Considered a personification of Divine knowledge (Omniscience). There were two other creative powers Heka and Hu.

    As a god Sia was associated with the sense of touch, and of knowledge / understanding. According to the book of the dead Sia is associated with the judgement of the dead, sitting as one of the observers at the ceremony where a recently deceased’s heart was weighed against a feather. In this role Sia is portrayed as a man wearing a fringed headband.

    Sia is also portrayed as a goddess by some sources, in which situation she is the consort of Hu.

  • Sia the word / concept: Sia is, in its purest form, all possible knowledge from the start of creation until the end of time. All of the Egyptian gods possessed Sia to a limited extent, manifesting as a form of latent knowledge, which would be triggered by events. Sia describes the gods ability to know of, and understand, events as they occurred, even when they did not directly observe them. Only the creator god Ra possessed Sia in its complete form.

    The word “Sia” can be translated as “Sign of recognition”.

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