The ancient Egyptian word Heka has a dual meaning:

  • Heka the deity: Heka was one of the creative powers associated with Ra. The abilities attributed to Heka were required to bring creation in to existence. Considered a personification of the universal life force. There were two other creative powers Hu and Sia.

    Heka was personified variously, as: A man standing close to Ra, often holding various ritual objects, a child with a solar disc, and as a helper of Horus.

    The deity Heka was also named Hike, in which case he is portrayed as a patron of doctors and magicians.

  • Heka the word / concept: Heka could be translated as “life force in action”, or more loosely “magic”. The word is neutral, with neither good or evil connotations. In practical form it is a type of ritualised prayer, spoken or written religious texts.

    The various Egyptian gods acted from and were informed by Heka, using it to influence the world. Heka was not however exclusive to the gods, it ws also possessed by humans, who believed they could use it to protect themselves from both visible and invisible threats from the worlds of the gods, man, and spirits.

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