Damian stepped slowly, carefully and deliberately into the cave. He could tell it was artificial by the how smooth the floor looked under his small flashlight.

Get the flood lights! Come on. Now, Goddamit, he called to the help. A small buzz and then light. Sharp corners, outlines and shadows presented themselves for the first time in seven hundred years. Go get the rest of them, he murmurred.

The help hurried away as Damian wondered out toward the center of the hall. He stood facing an arrangement, trying to take it all in. It's size wasn't impressive, but it impressively well put together. A black, waist high, broken half-circle object stood on the outside. It looked a rounded corner was dragged in a circle creating a three dimensional shape. He touched the inside of the object. It felt soft.

On the inside of the circle was a small, low, flat surface. In the center of the circle stood tall a black monolith. It was smoother than the flat surface before it.

Damian stepped close to the center to take a closer look at the center piece. It stood taller than the half-circle but it was much shorter than Damian. Damian stood quietly, staring at it, trying to figure it out.

He didn't know this time period well enough to say for sure, but all signs said it was an idol of kinds. Surrounding this piece there were many similar altars. There was no way to tell how many altars there were to begin with, since the earth had caved in all around.

He turned his attention to the idol he was standing infront of. A faded, once-bright discolorataion stuck out from underneath the dust and dirt that had settled on the idol. He brushed it the dust aside and ran his fingers over the yellow and orange plaque that named this god:

"Sony 21 Inch. Best Buy's Price: $299"

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