Shinatama is a character from the computer/Playstation action game Oni. Shinatama is a Simulated Life Doll (SLD), an android that imitates human biology (SLDs breathe, eat, sweat, and can feel pain just as humans) but with increased intelligence. Shinatama and most other legally created SLDs are child-like in appearance since the smaller bodies are easier to create and control if problems should arise.

Shinatama had the task of coordinating the regional communications spine at a Technology Crimes Task Force (TCTF) regional headquarters. Shinatama was also neurally linked to Konoko, an agent of the TCTF (and the player character of Oni), in order to provide Konoko with information about her surroundings and knowledge from the TCTF database while she's in the field. As a result of this link, Shinatama can monitor Konoko's health and other biological readings and the two have become close friends.

The following contains spoilers regarding Oni's storyline.

After the Syndicate leader, Muro, flees from Konoko and the TCTF during a Syndicate raid on the regional airport, he organises an attack on the TCTF HQ where Shinatama resides. The Sydnicate strikes during the graveyard shift when few TCTF agents are available to defend their base. Konoko arrives shortly after the terrorists begin attacking (this is the sixth level of the game) and eventually fights her way to the roof, arriving too late to stop Syndicate forces from escaping via helicopter after having kidnapped Shinatama.

Konoko pursues the Syndicate forces, disobeying Commander Griffin's orders, to an atmospheric processor where the Syndicate is holding Shinatama. The neural link that Konoko and Shinatama share enables Konoko to know that Muro has been torturing the android. Konoko reaches Shinatama shortly after the start of the eighth level, where Shinatama informs Konoko that her real name is Mai Hasegawa and that the TCTF has been hiding things from her. Commander Griffin, back at TCTF command, orders Shinatama to self destruct to prevent Konoko from learning the secrets that have been kept from her. Shinatama is unable to halt the destruction sequence but slows it down long enough to allow Konoko to escape the blast radius. Later, Konoko discovers that Shinatama also lied to Kerr and Griffin about how advanced the Daodin Crysilis within her was.

Shinatama is presumed dead after this, though the TCTF secretly salvages and reconstructs what remains of her body to use to run a defense system within TCTF HQ against Konoko. The system Shinatama is programmed to run is similar to that of a Deadly Brain but much more complex (this is the end of the thirteenth level). After disabling Shinatama's defense systems, the android refuses Commander Griffin's orders to take further hostile action against Konoko. Griffin shoots the android (or what's left of her, rather) as it advances upon him but is then disarmed by Konoko. At this point in the game, the player as Konoko can either kill Griffin or allow him to live.

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