Leader of The Syndicate in Oni. Muro came out of nowhere ten years before the start of the game and "took over" The Syndicate from the old bosses.

He is an expert marksman and has mastered hand to hand combat. The most annoying move he can do involves breaking his opponent's leg; it can reduce about a third of your total health in one blow.

Spoilers follow. You have been warned.

Muro's surname is Hasegawa, the same as Konoko/Mai: he is her brother. Drs. Hasegawa and Kerr received Syndicate funding to complete their research on the Chrysalis; near the end of their research The Syndicate captured Hasegawa and Muro, forcing Hasegawa to implant a Chrysalis in Muro. Dr. Kerr escaped to the TCTF along with Konoko/Mai.

Muro reaches the final stage of his Chrysalis-induced evolution at the end of the game, if you previously did kill Griffin when you had the chance.

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