The Deadly Brain is a boss-type enemy from the computer and Playstation action game Oni. The player will technically only encounter one throughout the game, though there is another battle later which requires the same manner of attack to win. A Deadly Brain isn't actually engaged in direct melee or even long range combat to defeat but is deactivated through a series of breakers located around the brain.

The brain itself is an actual human brain kept alive and integrated with an electronic defense system. The Technology Crimes Task Force (TCTF) thought that they had eliminated all the deadly brains that had been developed until one was discovered by Agent Konoko (the player character in Oni) during a raid on Musachi Manufactuering, a company used as a front by The Syndicate (an organisation akin to a combination of a terrorist group and the mafia). Konoko must defeat the Deadly Brain on only the second level of the game and, as a result, it's not a particularly difficult opponent. The brain itself is housed within a narrow, protective structure surrounded by turrets and rotating laser tripwires. If anyone walks in the path of the lasers, the turrets target and fire upon whatever tripped the system.

Note that the turrets fire upon whoever tripped the system, not just the spot he/she was at when coming into contact with one of the lasers. Some turrets fire bullets while others launch Screaming Cells, creatures of energy that feed on human life force. There is very little to use as cover around the brain, meaning to avoid taking damage from the turrets, Konoko will most likely have to dodge the shots. Doing this can be particularly hazardous because Konoko can easily trip another tripwire while trying to avoid the current volley of projectiles.

Surrounding the Deadly Brain, in addition to the turrets, are four computer consoles that house the breakers and other control mechanisms tied to the brain. To defeat the Deadly Brain, Konoko must fiddle with the controls at each of these consoles three times. Konoko cannot mess with the controls at one station a second or third time before doing the same at the other stations an equal number of times. Access to each station can be achieved without activating the turrets by observing the patterns and paths of the laser tripwires from a safe place first to note the windows of opportunity in their cycles and then using these to avoid setting off the defense system.

The brain used to create a Deadly Brain typically doesn't make the transition from controlling a human body to controlling a security system very well. Past Deadly Brains' targetting systems used to discern friends from foes often failed, causing more damage to Syndicate forces than their attackers. When Konoko comes upon the Deadly Brain it has just broken out of the Musachi Internet and gained access to a TCTF Public Security Node. Konoko's android partner back at TCTF headquarters, Shinatama, informs Konoko that after communicating something about "the glory of instant celebrity" the brain begins uploading digital images of itself to the 'net. When only one cycle of disabling its control mechanisms remains, the Deadly Brain communicates that if its demands aren't met soon, it will irradiate a fifty block area. All it demands are feet.

The Deadly Brain can growl. I'm not sure how.

Sources of information: Oni and its manual.

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