This node attempts to explain the dream that Captain Sheridan has when Kosh enters his mind aboard the alien ship in the Babylon 5 episode All Alone in the Night.

1. Sheridan is in his quarters, in uniform. The lights are out.

2. Ivanova is in the quarters with him, in uniform, hair draped over her left shoulder. The door is open. She raises her fingers to her lips and says, "Shh." Sheridan is supposed to listen and understand, not to participate.

3. Sheridan looks confused.

4. Ivanova, now with a raven perched on her right shoulder, says, "Do you know who I am?" Refers to Ivanova's admission later that she is a latent telepath, after which she says, "I don't know who I am anymore."

5. Sheridan looks to his right, and finds himself in a Babylon 5 corridor. He looks up.

6. On a catwalk, in harsh lighting, gripping the railing, is another Sheridan. He looks to his right. There's someone equivalent to Sheridan watching him.

7. Garibaldi, also apparently on the catwalk, is in uniform and has a dove on his left shoulder. "The man in between is searching for you," he says. The man in-between turns out to be Sheridan's equal and opposite, a minion of the Shadows named Justin who we meet in the episode Z'ha'dum. The dove (symbol of peace) on Garibaldi's shoulder and the raven (symbol of death) on Ivanova's earlier may be a deliberate reversal, as it is Garibaldi who is altered and sells out Sheridan, and Ivanova who never strays from the path of light. Side note: Garibaldi's uniform appears to be the blue version instead of his normal security grey, but this may just be a trick of the lights.

8. Ivanova, in a veil and black dress, is standing behind Sheridan, who is now wearing a turtleneck and a jacket. The funeral garb may foreshadow Sheridan's death on Z'ha'dum later.

9. As he turns, we get a brief glimpse of a metal pin on the left breast of his jacket: a Psi Corps badge. And in fact, his jacket appears to be the uniform of a PsiCop, with the leather strap down the right side in front. Foreshadows Sheridan's alliance with Bester against the Shadows.

10. Ivanova, still veiled, says, "You are the hand." Sheridan is a nexus, as explained by Justin at Z'ha'dum--he goes one way, and the rest of the universe tends to follow him.

11. Kosh is standing behind Sheridan in the corridor; Sheridan is back in his normal uniform. Sheridan starts to turn toward him.

12. In what seems like a simple switch of camera angles, Sheridan now appears to be sitting down in front of a backlit wall with an organic look not unlike that of the Streib ship's interior. "Why are you here?" he asks.

13. "We were never away," Kosh answers from the corridor. "For the first time your mind is quiet enough to hear me." The Vorlons have been watching him for quite some time, but he never in the proper state of mind to understand until now.

14. Sheridan is back in the corridor, standing. "Why am I here?" he asks, in a tone that makes the question sound unconnected to the previous one. Probably a more vague way of asking, "Why did you bring me here?"

15. "You have always been here," answers Kosh. This is an echo of the normal Vorlon statement of "We have always been here", so putting Sheridan on the same level might indicate that Sheridan is making a leap in enlightenment.

16. Sheridan wakes up.

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