The write up title is completely correct. She only wants you for tech support.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say most noders are single. A lot of us are going to college or working, but we are young. Let’s face it, we're geeks (well at least I was...)

Anyways, back to the write up, if you know anything about computers, you're going to get questions. It also seems as the smarter you are the more questions you get asked. Quite honestly, most of us will get irritated every now and again because people are asking the most ridiculous questions. How many times can I say this, your computer is not a modem, a hard drive, or a chicken. But there's always one type of person that's almost never ever turned down. The female.

Here's a typical situation. I worked in my college's student help desk, and I got a lot of questions asked about stupid miscellaneous stuff, some of it worthy of my attention, some of it not. I did notice something odd... if a woman came up to ask me question, I'd always help her, and she'd be really nice to me, if you will, she was flirting with me while I helped her address her computer issues. After fixing the issue, the girls never paid attention to me ever again.

Another situation, I was in my CSE 103 (basic C++ class), where women would always sit next to me in our lab time. Odd, I'm not even remotely cute, plus I am overweight (now I'm even heavier). They would flirt and ask me question, joke around, etc. So I started hanging out with one of the girls that used to sit next to me, and eventually we started dating. I thought it was for my computer knowledge. She'd always ask me questions about C++ and miscellaneous crap. She was a good looking girl, very cute, Asian, nice body. After I dropped out of school, she kept with me, we moved in together, and we've gotten married, and she still takes some programming classes every once and awhile (she's a math major) and still asks me questions. I think she only wants me for tech support. Once she's done with school, she'll probably want a divorce.

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