This is what pattern dictated the Pentium Pro, Pentium II, and Pentium III should have been called. Intel didn't want to sell a product and have people think it was some sort of sex toy, so they added shit to their existing Pentium brand name.

So, all you folks reading there at home, your processor is not a Pentium III, it is in fact a Sextium.

It doesn't matter though, because the x86 technology stopped really improving at the Pentium anyway. All Intel and AMD really do these days is try to figure out how to emulate a 486 faster.
A similar thing happened with the naming of the early Macintosh models, in Macs that were based on the Motorola 68030 processor. Apple used the letter "x" to denote machines using the newer processor technology. However, when they decided to release the Macinosh SE with a 68030, they named it the Macintosh SE/30. Why? According to the Macintosh Bible circa 1994...

"Apparently, Apple didn't think we could handle a machine called the Macintosh SEx..."

Pattern dictated the chip after Pentium should be Hexium because they're using the greek prefixes rather than the latin ones.

Of course the media and the general public find sexual innuendo to be much more amusing, (and not like anyone knows any better...) so they speculated Sexium, and presumably Sextium instead.

Sex(t)ium would come after Quintium. (or quinium) Who'd name anything quintium??

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