Looking for a last minute valentine's day gift? Well, better go ahead and get some flowers, candy, or kittens, but here's an idea that will add some originality and adventure into your otherwise mundane offering. Keep in mind, this is a rather risque project, and should not be undertaken unless you are sure that it will be appreciated.

What you will need:

  • Index cards
  • A marker. (Red might be appropriate.)
  • Whatever art supplies you feel you are competent to use. Stickers are pretty safe.
Needless to say these are the most basic, simplest materials you could use. You can make much fancier cards, and you should make fancier cards, but do it in the way you feel you are best able. High quality card stock, great calligraphy, lecherous quotes from famous persons, or dirty drawings will help add a touch of class.

And now you make the cards. The idea is simple: someone draws a card, and then does what it says for a fixed period of time1. You know better than I what cards will go over well with your partner, but here's a starter set.

Other cards might involve interesting underwear, cameras, creams, whips, close friends, and funny looking condoms. It's up to you and your partner. I would highly recommend having a few blank cards which you let your partner fill in. They may have some surprising ideas.

The end game is up to you. As this is a turn based game, it is likely that one person will find themselves finishing before the other. You might decide that it is more important to finish together than to play the game through to the end, in which case it is simply a matter of one of the players declaring that the game must end now, drop the Hello Kitty vibrator and get up here! On the other hand, if one person finishes, there's no reason why the other person shouldn't draw another card (after an appropriate interval), and come in a loud and enthusiastic second place.

1. 30 seconds to a minute is probably best, but you may also want to mark different times on different cards. Fine tuning it is half the fun. Remember, you don't want anyone to 'win' too early on in the game. If you want to be strict about the time limits, you may also need to get a timer. Make sure it's a sexy timer.

2. If you do not have an appropriate book, this may be a good companion piece to the cards. I highly recommend Position of the Day from Nerve.com, published by Chronicle Books, but as many of the positions are technically impossible, this may result in more sillyness than you want in your sex.

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