SETA ry ("Seksuaalinen Tasa-arvo") is a gay/lesbian/bisexual rights organization that works in Finland.

And no, the name really doesn't refer to a bunch of people who find space aliens and then give them a good home (see SETI and PETA for those =)


A Japanese videogame developer and developer of peripheral devices. This developer's works are usually published by a third-party publisher when released outside japan. The company has created many titles, but only a handfull have ever released outside Japan. They created the first online game (the board game shogi)for the Nintendo64 by including a modem in the cartridge. One would direct dial a friend's number to connect to their game. This would probably cost the player money, due to the fact that local calls in japan are charged by the minute like toll or long distance. Their primary business is now peripheral devices.

Se"ta (?), n.; pl. Setae. [L. seta, saeta, a bristle.]

1. Biol.

Any slender, more or less rigid, bristlelike organ or part; as the hairs of a caterpillar, the slender spines of a crustacean, the hairlike processes of a protozoan, the bristles or stiff hairs on the leaves of some plants, or the pedicel of the capsule of a moss.

2. Zool. (a)

One of the movable chitinous spines or hooks of an annelid. They usually arise in clusters from muscular capsules, and are used in locomotion and for defense. They are very diverse in form.


One of the spinelike feathers at the base of the bill of certain birds.


© Webster 1913.

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