Literally meaning, "Service in structure," "Serwis w budowie" is the Polish text-only equivalent of those annoying "this site under construction" animated gifs that are so prevalent on GeoCities sites run by teens and tweens. So, what does it mean? Why should I care? Is e2 doomed? Is there pie later? No, really, I was told there would be pie.

To the average noder, "Serwis w budowie" is one more of e2's many quirks. It's like that dog you had when you were growing up that sniffed the crotch of everyone who came over. You were embarassed and frustrated as it happened, but you look back on it now and laugh. Or cry. Something; the point is that sometimes e2 gets scared or confused or both and does things that don't seem to make sense. This is one of those things. You point your browser at and everything is going great so far. E2's loving earth tones welcome you back; it's been too long since you were here. Your mouse pointer hovers over the "Login" textbox, and you can't help but smile at the absurdity of the tornado next to the word epicenter. Don't they know that earthquakes have epicenters? Tornadoes have eyes. It'll be gone soon. Your ekw theme will take over, and everything will be wonderful.. You check the "remember me" box and press the "login" button. That tornado won't bother you again. But then something terrible happens. Instead of ekw's steely blues and grays, you are greeted by three words.

Serwis w budowie

You've been transported to instead of The Polish words mock you. You're not even worth punctuation. Who or what is "Serwis w budowie," and why are they keeping you from reading? Voting? Chinging? As the tears stream down your puffy face, all you can think is "Won't somebody think of the noders!?" What have we done to upset Poland, and why have they taken e2 from us? Couldn't they have started with Wiki!? I need my fix. Is it just me, or is it cold in here? Cold. So cold.

And then it happens. You press back for the 42nd time, click "login" again, and all is right with the world. Well, almost everything. You notice a new name in the Other Users nodelet, Serwis W. Budowie. He/She/It is out there. Waiting. Preparing to structure a service when you least expect it. Get your fix now — while you still can.

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