I'm probably not the best person to do this WU, but somebody needed to make one.

This Half Of This Node Will Self-Destruct In 24 Hours.

EKW is a rather unique E2 theme. What sets it apart from the other themes is that it is free of images and highly customizable; each user is allowed to control the colors, font types and sizes used to render each page. There are also a handfull of presets which can emulate the color settings of other themes.

To me, the important feature is control of font sizing since, due to the way they use CSS, other themes didn't respond to changing font size in my browser.

If you want to use the EKW theme, you first go to your user preferences, located in the epicenter nodelet, and select EKW as your theme. After the next page load, you will be presented with the white and blue EKW default. At the top, directly under the E2 logo, there will be 2 EKW specific links : ekw About/FAQ and ekw Preferences which will take care of the rest of the details.

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