This is an attempted listing of those noders who, in the interests of secure communication, have added their PGP/GnuPG public key to their homenode, along with the keyid and fingerprints thereof, for verification. Please either /msg me with your info or add a writeup, and I will assimilate it. Please do not add your public key to this node.

I'm not sure how PGP works on its various platforms, but with GnuPG, in order to get the fingerprint the command is

[user@host ~]$ gpg --fingerprint your_default_public_key.

Also, if you don't want to bother with going to the homenodes of each person, if they've uploaded their keys to the keyservers, you can add keys with

[user@host ~]$ gpg --keyserver keyserv --recv-keys keyid1 keyid2 ...

where keyserv is one of the keyservers, such as or


As has been pointed out, THIS IS NOT A SECURE MECHANISM FOR VALIDATING KEYS since any Editor or God can change the writeup. I just want to make that clear. Don't sign a key based on its listing here. However, all other things being equal, it can, I think--and my purpose in putting it here was--to be another means of confirmation. In addition, it's a means of listing which noders prefer to be reached by encrypted mail. Of course, verify it with the noder in question in some more secure way. Don't be dumb.

Here we go:

  • ailie -- 00FF6F57 -- BD6E 74F8 A151 4483 F296 0DA9 DF18 D881 00FF 6F57
  • Byzantine -- 582DEC0D -- AEAB 14AC 2B07 F693 864A 46F3 52C7 D1A5 582D EC0D
  • Codepie -- DFA97125 -- CC88 91C6 0CA3 180A 0E42 DA5B ED4D 102A DFA9 7125
  • donfreenut -- D4F31374 -- DF2F A41A 5C82 682D AA3D 9CF4 4E25 67A7 D4F3 1374
  • dwyn -- 0BF59481 -- 2F69 4FB9 FCE6 DE15 6107 62C2 2A21 4B29 0BF5 9481
  • Error404 -- D596C225 -- C6FF A4BA 516F 6A12 67F2 E3CB 125D C88D D596 C225
  • Funnytoes -- 0202F51A -- 184C 917F F398 D47A 8FD5 2BDC 06BE 2CE3 0202 F51A
  • gitm -- 1D464113 -- 1AEB 4586 FC47 BF7D C014 3FB8 736A 8436
  • Jetifi -- DE74D5A1 -- 92E2 8B60 4143 2398 9EBA 7EF3 A514 D455
  • pealco -- AC68C47C -- 3A34 6435 F1C8 2BD0 516A 4BEB 40F2 A4A6 AC68 C47C
  • pimephalis -- 6B4CB97A -- 150A 98FB B40F BB2F 7185 3FD6 B345 501B 78ED C4FB
  • randombit -- 4EC16D6B -- 3F69 2E64 6D92 3BBE E7AE 9258 5C0F 96E8 4EC1 6D6B

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