Reading in between the lines while watching a TV commercial can often be quite revealing about the advertiser. It may tell you things the advertiser does not really want you to know.

I just saw a new WalMart commercial that does just that. Unwittingly, it represents WalMart as a company that puts corporate profits ahead of the welfare of its employees. (Please note I am not saying it does--I do not know how WalMart treats its employees--only that the commercial gives out this impression.)

The commercial stars a young WalMart employee who talks about WalMart selling DVD's. He says watching a DVD from WalMart is like seeing your favorite movie for the first time again.

The commercial extols the low prices WalMart offers. So far so good. But the closing line is actually an admission that WalMart is able to offer low prices by underpaying its employees. The young employee says:

"If I can afford it, anyone can."

Ouch! It sure does not convince me to shop at WalMart!

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