"Ladies and gentlemen, you may have noticed the seatbelt sign is on for longer than you may be used to. This is because of the events which took place on September 11. Thank you."

This actually came over the intercom on my flight today. I was a little dissappointed because they didn't explain the relationship between the September 11 tragedy and the reason why the seatbelt sign was on for longer than I was used to. So I turned it over in my head:

Possibilty 1: If there are any terrosists present, they will be prevented from carrying out any nasty intentions, because the sign says they must stay seated with their seatbelt on.

Possibility 2: Terrorists are rebels. They don't seem to obey rules or laws or Commandments, nor conform to social norms. Therefore, the quickest way to discover if any terrorists are on board is to tell them to stay seated, which will immediately make them stand up so that the undercover FBI agent can take them out.

Possibilty 3: Perhaps this was our sacrifice to any terrorists on board, staying in our seats for a few extra minutes in exchange for our safe arrival. Fair deal.

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