From there own promotional materials...which is better than I could pump them up anyway:

In the 1930s, when Italian immigrant Sebastiano Pellizer arrived in the Twin Cities, he was almost immediately rechristened "Joe" by his phonetically impaired construction-crew chief. The moniker stuck, and in 1984 when his grandchildren Mike and Todd founded this ice cream shop, Sebastiano gave them permission to use his name. Sebastiano lived to see his namesake open for only a year, but wherever he is now, he must be proud.

Buoyed by great desserts, a prime location and friendly service, Joe's (now with two locations, in Linden Hills and on Franklin Avenue) has long been the Minneapolis cool-off spot during humid summer months. The ice cream list tops 80 flavors (15 daily) and includes both new spins and old favorites. Traditionalists will love the heady vanilla, which uses ground beans instead of extract; the daring can try the ginger-cream or the spicy cayenne-pepper-laced Chocolate Coyote. If you're looking for a safe bet, we flat out defy anyone to dislike the tangy raspberry-chocolate-chip. A full coffee bar, with strong European roasts is on-site, and the rich chocolate treats are enough to give Jenny Craig a heart attack.

Locations in include:

4321 Upton Ave S
(my favorite, in Linden Hills)

1007 W Franklin Ave

4301 Nicollet Ave

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