My favorite flavor offered at Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the only ice cream which can be stated to be a full sensory experience. Chocolate Coyote ice cream is dark chocolate ice cream mixed with a healthy portion of cayenne pepper.

Close your eyes and imagine with me now...

Picture before you a beautifully scooped dark chocolate ice cream cone.

You think to yourself, "gee that looks innocent enough," and you bring it to your face, tongue in wagging anticipation.

You taste, and you taste generously. The cold from the ice cream calms and subdues the heat of your mouth.

You think to yourself, "this is the best tasting chocolate ice cream I have ever had!"

But you don't have regular chocolate ice cream do you? Oh no, you have a chocolate coyote in your hands there! That intense feeling of cold in your mouth undergoes a sign change and all at once you feel your tongue has gone on vacation in Boca Raton, complete with a blistering sunburn!

Your eyes water, your nose begins to run, and you look around widely for anything to put out the fire in your mouth. You find in your hand a nice cold ice cream cone, temporarily yielding relief. But then, the whole masochistic cycle begins again; that is, until you enjoy the wonderful home-made waffle cone that holds it all together.

Mmm Mmm Good!

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