Seamus McElhinney was a legend as the most intelligent man in Ireland. He had topped such shows as Larry Gogan's "Just a Minute Quiz" and Bunny Carr's "Quicksilver" for many years. So the Irish board of  Mensa suggested that he should enter into the regional heats for Mastermind on the BBC. He did, and won a place.
On the evening of the competition, Seamus entered from the crowd and placed himself on the famous Leather Seat and made himself comfortable.

The lights dimmed and a spotlight pointed at his face.

Magnus Magnusson said: "Seamus, What Subject are you studying?" "Irish History", Seamus replied. "Very well", said Magnusson, " Your specialist subject is Irish  History, Starting NOW.
In what year did the 'Easter Rising' take Place?" Seamus responds.. "Pass" "OK", says Magnusson,
"Who was the Leader of the Easter Rising?" Seamus responds .. " Pass " "OK", says Magnusson,
"How long did the Easter Rising Last?" Seamus responds.."Pass"

Instantly, a voice shouts from the crowd," Good man Seamus.... Tell the fucking English nothing.... "

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