Seabound was formed in 1995 by Martin Vorbrodt (programming, sound) and Frank M. Spinath (lyrics, vocals, programming). The two were introduced by mutual friends, and to the surprise of all began making music, despite very different personalities and musical styles. Fortunately, this developed into Seabound's emphasis on balancing contradictions. In 1997 they sent a demo to Stefan Herwig at Dependent Records. Herwig liked it, but didn't think that they were ready to be signed. They sent another demo, of the songs that would later become No Sleep Demon, and Stefan decided that the time was ripe to expose the world to Seabound.

Seabound strives to take the listener on a "journey into the mind" (Frank is a psychologist). While they have labeled themselves as Future Pop, their music is more complex than many other bands in that genre, meant to engage the brain as much as the body. One of their most noticeable sounds is the use of many different vocal effects in the same song, usually one for the verses and one for the chorus, and often a third for some key line that is repeated throughout the song. Seabound is one of those rarest of bands that you can sit and listen to for hours, but can also get up and dance to afterwards.

Seabound's website is at .

Seabound Discography:
Travelling EP, 12 March 2001, on Dependent Records.
No Sleep Demon, 21 May 2001, on Dependent.
Hooked Promo (limited, distributed to DJs), August 2001, on Dependent.

Compilation appearances:
Exorcize (Album version) - Zillo Scope: New Signs & Sounds, Zillo Magazine, April 2001.
Coward (Demo version) - Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 10, Sonic Seducer Magazine, May 2001.
Travelling (Album version) - D-Side Compilation, D-Side Magazine, May 2001.
Torn (Album version) - Elegy Compilation No. 16, Elegy Magazine, June 2001.
Hooked (Radical mix) - Septic II, Dependent Records, October 2001.
Day Of The Century - Orkus Collection II, Orkus, October 2001.
Torn (Album version) - Future Pop 01, Zoomica, October 2001.
Confusion - True Faith: A Tribute To New Order, Synthphony Records, 19 December 2001.

Sea"bound` (?), a.

Bounded by the sea.


© Webster 1913.

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