Scour Exchange (SX) is a revolutionary software program that will change the way you experience entertainment. With Scour Exchange you can share your favorite music, videos, and even your most embarrassing photos with users all around the wired world. Find other users who share your vibe, and add them to your hotlist for quicker access to their file collection.

Give me porn or give me music, and I'll be happy!

A Napster clone built by to share images, videos, and documents as well as audio.
because of this the network is awash with porn.
Scour's servers are faster than napster's, possibly because scour has less users.
Scour is strangely backed by several record labels despite the fact 99% of its users only use it for sharing illegal mp3's, and porn.

Also, unlike Napster, Scour Exchange keeps all its users on one central server, unlike Napster who has about 15 servers which have ~4000 users each. And yes, SX is awash in pr0n, but if you really need videos, try IRC, though SX's music selection is usually quite good. I think Scour has the ability to replace Napster, should Napster become stopped/banned, as other products like gnutella use too much bandwith with the decentralized server approach, and aren't nearly as well developed/easy to use.

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