Identified in various sources as an archangel, a fallen angel, a seraph. The name "Sariel" means "God's command." Variations of the name are Suriel, Suriyel, Zerachiel, Saraquel and even Uriel.

The earliest references to Sariel are in the Qumrun literature, in which he is mentioned along with the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. His name sometimes is confused with that of Uriel. Sariel is not found in works of the Apochrypha or Pseudepigrapha, and receives only a few mentions in rabbinic literature, usually as overseer in the sixth heaven.

Sariel sometimes is identified as the Lord's "Angel of Death" and as the angel who taught Moses all his knowledge. Sariel also delivered instructions of hygiene and cleanliness to Rabbi Ishmael, and is credited with being an angel of healing, like Raphael. Sarial is one of the "Angels of Presence", according to ancient texts.

The prophet Enoch said that Sariel was one of the seven archangels (ranking fifth in line), but one of the fallen host as well.

Sarial is among the "Sons of God", and taught the course of the moon to humanity. He also governs the zodiac sign of Aries, and figures in ceremonial magic and protection against the evil eye.
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