Sanrio's all-indoor theme park, located in the Tama City section of Tokyo. Several shows are presented daily, and a boat tour through the Sanrio Kingdom is given. The Hello Kitty House, an apartment completely furnished and outfitted in Sanrio merchandise, is a popular attraction. Some parts of the experience may scare little children - actors in costumes with giant heads, for example, or the Monster Planet of Godzilla ride, which is introduced by Hello Kitty exclaiming Gojira! - but Puroland is well-suited to anyone over the age of five. Stairs or escalators provide access to all three levels of the facility, and there are elevators available but strollers are prohibited throughout. Ticket prices are about 3000 yen for children and Y4000 for adults, but these vary depending on the type of ticket purchased. Anyone visiting Puroland during the month they were born is entitled to special birthday service. The entire theme park is, of course, filled with gift shops, allowing visitors to purchase Sanrio-related and other souvenirs.

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