Serving Los Angeles, Anaheim, Del Mar, and San Diego

Amtrak train numbers: 575 and 580

Predecessor railroad train numbers: None

For a brief period in the mid 1980s, Amtrak converted one of its San Diegan trains between Los Angeles and San Diego into the San Diegan Metroliner, featuring the same amenities as on the regular Metroliners in the Northeast, such as reserved seating, limited stops, and free snacks.

While the Metroliners had proved popular between New York and Washington, for almost 20 years, their introduction on the West Coast was greeted with a noted lack of enthusiasm. Within a year, the Metroliner service was replaced by the introduction of Custom Class on the San Diegans, which made reserved seating available on all trains in addition to the regular unreserved seating.

Condensed historical timetable:

READ DOWN                 READ UP
 (1984)                   (1984)
  4:00P Dp Los Angeles Ar 10:00A
  4:41P    Anaheim         9:07A
  5:49P    Del Mar         8:00A
  6:30P Ar San Diego   Dp  7:30A

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