Formerly of Spade and Archer, but some dame plugged his partner, see?

Best portrayed by Richard Simmons. Or was that Bogart? I can't recall... Anyhow, the main character of Noir classic "The Maltese Falcon;" tough all the way, and, to the viewer of ambiguous motives and mind until the very end.

Gee -- guess it must've been Simmons...

If you trek over to SamSpade.Org, you'll find a useful tool assortment to track down spammers and idiots, just like Humphrey Bogart in the Maltese Falcon would do for you if you paid him (and dug up his body and re-animated him, but I digress).

SamSpade.Org can help you find someone online using a large assortment of tools, such as:

  • The Address Digger: Use traceroute, IP Block and Whois.

  • Find Obfuscated URLs

  • A Safe Web Browser

  • A Safe Javascript Browser

  • A Java Pad

  • A reverse-DNS Lookup

  • A DNS Query for items like mailgates, etc.

  • A Blackhole Checklist

    Plus many other tools. They have things set up as a free service. These tools can help find spammers or idiots who send you annoying emails (like threats, etc.)

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