Another saint of the Early Church, Abdas was the Bishop of Cascar (Susa) in Persia. He was martyred under the persecutions in Persia in the Fifth Century along with 28 unnamed companions (including seven priests, nine deacons, and seven consecrated virgins) around the year 420, at Ledan, Persia.

I'm not sure if this is the same guy, but here's a better story:

Abdas was quite outspoken in his community and publicly debated with the local Zoroastrians. After much constant violent debate between the two religious groups, Abdas decided to burn down the Temple of Fire, a sacred sanctuary for the Zoroastrians. King Yezdegerd apparently did not see the hilarious irony in this, and pissed off (rightly so), he declared that Abdas would rebuild the temple with his own money or the king would burn all the Christian churches. Abdas refused the command, and the king followed through, burning all of the churches. Soon after followed Abdas' own martyrdom, and a forty-year Reign of Terror for Christans in Persia. When the king died, his son Varanes continued the persecution, resorting to even worse fomrs of execution and torture.

He is also known by the name Audas, and his feast-day falls on May 19.

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