Also known as Abban of Kill-Abban, Abban of Magheranoide, Abban of Murnevin, Abban of New Ross, Abhan of New Ross, Evin of New Ross, Ewin of New Ross, Neville of New Ross, Nevin of New Ross, Stephen of New Ross

He was a contemporary of Saint Patrick who founded the Kill-Abban abbey in Leinster, Ireland and served as its first abbot. Abban was the son of Cormac, King of Leinster, and the nephew of Saint Ibar, Apostle of Wexford (predecessor and contemporary of Saint Patrick). He also founded the convent of Saint Gobnait of Ballyvourny, in Ireland, as well as a number or other churches and monasteries in Ireland

He is alternately known as Saint Abban of New Ross for founding the Ros-mic-Treoin abbey (New Ross), and evangelizing the area of Wexford, Ireland.

He died in the 5th Century of natural causes in Wexford, and his feast day is celebrated on either December 22 or March 16.

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